Things are different here in the lovely village of Paleros, people in our little Ionian fishermen town still know how to take the time to enjoy the good things of life, the pace of nature, the clear blue sea, friendship, love, children playing, the wisdom of the elderly, good food, philosophical discussions over a nice glass of local wine.

As a tourist one seldom gets to the heart of things, unless you take time to stop here for a while and let the Greek life sink in.

Paleros is situated on the mainland of Greece, opposite the island of Lefkada. In the back we have our mountains and at our feet lies the blue clear sea. We have two beaches, in the village a small beach and at a little distance a big sandy shallow beach with a stunning view. Along the village beach we have several small taverna’s and restaurants and a few clubs. Paleros Village is a lovely resort to wander through.

The low-rise buildings are made of whitewashed stone, their woodwork painted in the traditional blues, greens and vibrant pinks of the Mediterranean. Set amongst gardens full of flowers, it’s easy to while away your time here.

Around us we have stunning nature, with flora and fauna unspoilt and very green, because we are close to the famous Korpi wells. Actually we have that same water coming from our tap! Some people take a medicinal detox retreat with this water, curing several illnesses and clearing the body, the nature around will clear your mind.

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