When are the courses?

All 5 day courses start on Monday, half week courses on the Wednesday after. A 5 day course includes a week accommodation, which is 40 euro per night per person unless you stay in the mountain cabin “Spiti Agapi” for 30 euro’s a night.

On request we can also start courses on other days. Usually the day after arrival is a day to explore the surroundings and acclimatise.

A downpayment of 20% finalizes the booking, you pay the rest on arrival. Full courses with 7 nights accommodation are 620 euro, half courses are 210 euro excl. accommodation of 40 euro’s per night or 30 euro’s for the mountain cabin “Spiti Agapi”. When you cancel a booking within one month before the course we can not refund your down payment.

Send an e-mail to machula @ xs4all.nl for our bank account numbers etc.