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Anne from ireland said: I think my time with you in Greece was very necessary to get me started again, and realise that I shoudn’t think about it too much- just do it!
Pat from Ireland said: Everyone loved my paintings. Now I am just washing and ironing my holiday stuff and wishing I was back with you!
Sean from the UK said: The stunning scenery couldn’t fail to inspire and the ‘real Greek’ community really added to the trip too. The accommodation was great although the views from the balcony may make it hard for you to want to leave, but a great place to sit with your paints on a hot afternoon. The tutor was great at finding some ideal places for us to paint/draw. Her confidence-building ‘hands off’ style is ideal for those looking to get on with the painting rather than to debate technique or theory too much. I really enjoyed the stay in Paleros and may well return, even if only to get the latest news on the quirky local characters!
Stuart from the UK said: A thoroughly enjoyable experience with barbara and her laid back approach to tuition and her local knowledge. Keep an open mind and go with the flow; you will enjoy it.
Florian from Holland said: a great holiday, met many new friends and Barb is one of them, painting improved highly and so did my ouzo tolerance. Truly enjoyable!
Babette from Holland said: Any painter should indulge in this wonderful place with a wonderful teacher, I will return!
Simon from Belgium said: wonderful combination of guided freedom, morning painting and afternoon exploring, many new experiences and people, lovely climate and swimming, and Barbara really takes care of you.I recommend !
Odilia from Italy said: painting on Barbara’s mountain with the cats and the lovely dog made a rainy day full of sunshine, Peter even cooked for us and the little jeep took us everywhere to the most beautiful places, even had a swim during painting where do you find this?
Hans from Holland said: A warm blanket of art and friendliness, thank you Barby !
Babette from France said: Very bad, the week goes too fast want to stay longer, merci mon amie tu est formidable 😉
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