Paleros is a good starting point for several excursions in the neighbourhood.

Its a wonderful idea to hire a car and explore the interesting sites and places of interest.

The closest archaeological site can be found in the near surroundings, called “Kechropoula”, which was the ancient city of Paleros since the Mycenaen period. A lovely 20 minutes drive up the mountains leads you to a breathtaking place where you can feel the presence of ancient souls. Excavations are still on the go, there is a tourist information centre and one frequently spots eagles there.

Another, much bigger site is Nikopolis, a little less than an hour drive from Paleros. The site is stunning, consists of several sites, in fact is is a complete city, and can be compared to the size of Pompeii in Italy. Emperor Octavianus (August) founded the city after his victory in the battle of Aktio 31BC. You can see a stadium, roman baths, a leisure park, several theatres, stunning mosaics and remains of villa’s and much much more!

The Korpi wells in the mountains can be accessed by a lovely road that leads through several attractive mountain villages where time stands still. The crystal clear water pours from an ancient well, and many people use the water for cleaning and healing the body, little cabins are used for retreats, but we prefer the more luxurious accommodations of Paleros while we drink the same water from the tap.

Lefkas (Lefkada) island, a 40 minutes drive from Paleros, (it has a bridge!) is a popular tourist destination, especially the east coast has the well known Mediterranean tourist-fun banana boating and pareo shopping atmosphere, a nice break from the quiet, if you like that. Lefkas city is more dusty and alive with locals summer and winter, busy pedestrian shopping streets, a big marina and lots of restaurants and pubs. Lefkas has a waterfall, with loads of roaring green frogs in autumn and spring, and a stunning beachy west coast with blue lagoon dreamy fairy tale white sandy beaches. The mountain villages are exciting and authentic, and the high planes towards the abandoned radar nato post are breathtaking.

Grab a sailing boat! We have a Comet 1050 sailing yacht. An excursion on the yacht is 200 euro including skipper, the yacht can have 5 passengers on board. We can take you to Ithaka, Odyssea’s island, Kalamos island, Kastos island, The island of Meganissi or take you for a swim in Onassis’ islands waters of Skorpios.

There are several little secluded clear blue water shallow bays around where you can be with your loved one in the most romantic setting you can imagine. With a basket full of local goodies and a bottle of village wine you may find yourself contemplating what you may have to do to never leave…